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Network Products

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Network Switches

With Network Switches, you can make data flows smooth by ensuring uninterrupted connection between all the systems you use. With Karel network switches, you can create link connections that enable data transfer between communication tools, computers or servers in your business. As in other product groups, Karel offers products suitable for the needs in network switch or switch models to consumers with Karel assurance.

VoIP Gateway Products

Karel VoIP gateway products provide the connection between VoIP solutions and analog systems. When you want to use your existing analog phones with your cloud switchboard or use your IP switchboard with your TT line, a solution is provided with VoIP gateways. With VoIP gateway, you can increase your communication efficiency by reducing your costs while managing the telecommunication infrastructure in your business over the internet.

Karel Network Switches and VoIP Gateway Devices

Meet Karel Network solutions that provide efficient communication! Contact us now for detailed information about the products and customized solutions!