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About Us

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Technology for a Better Life

We operate in 6 different technology areas; Telecom, Defense Industry, Projects, Automotive and New Technologies. We design, develop and produce many different products and solutions according to customer needs. We were born in Turkey and today we are in many different countries around the world. We have very different but very valuable customers. For example, sometimes it can be the largest International Companies, Public Institutions, Armies, Telecom Operators, Hospitals, Universities and Automotive Brands of our country and the world, and sometimes it can be hundreds of thousands of SMEs. The only thing that hasn't changed is that we are meticulously producing technology for people to live better, more productive, happier lives.

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Global Technology Company

Founded in 1986 as a technology company in Turkey, we are now responsible for being a global technology company with 13 million users worldwide. We R&D, produce and present to the world by anticipating the needs of users. Inspired by the possibility of better lives, we always aim to take Karel experience and expertise one step further while meeting the needs of our customers.

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Reliable Solution Partner

In addition to creativity, we believe in knowledge, accumulation, experience and continuity. We prioritize being honest, open and hardworking over short-term interests, without giving up the human values that make us who we are. We believe in our country and our potential. Today, we are proud of our nearly 5 thousand employees, each of whom are experts in their fields. For 37 years, we have been working even harder to be worthy of those who see Karel as a reliable solution partner.

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In the PBX market, where we have been the market leader for 30 years, more than 700 thousand enterprises in Turkey use Karel switchboards, accounting for more than 50% of workplace communication traffic. Today, we are one of the top 3 producers in Europe and one of the 15 largest producers in the world in this field. In Telecom, we design, develop and produce various communication solutions such as IP telephone exchanges, call centers, video conferencing solutions and cloud applications of these technologies, operator services and offer them to domestic and international markets.

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Defense Industry

We have a wide range of military field switchboards, communication gateway and switching systems, ship-type telephone exchanges, ship alarm and announcement systems, naval platform training systems, handheld military computers, military internal speech systems, avionic solutions. The products and solutions we develop and produce in the field of defense industry are used not only by the Turkish army but also by foreign friendly armies.

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Corporate Projects

We offer a wide range of products and services to fixed and mobile operators and public institutions and organizations, including turnkey corporate projects, system integration, equipment supply with global partners, pre and after sales services and managed services. We are the Regional Solution Partner of Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vodafone for field maintenance, repair and installation services for fixed and mobile networks in 73 provinces and Cyprus. We are conducting Turkey's largest operation in this field.

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Electronics Manufacture

We have one of the largest and leading electronics production centers in Turkey. In a 32 thousand square meter closed area, we have 4 production halls, each of which is the size of a separate factory with different production features for different business lines. We have an annual production capacity of 15 million electronic cards. We design and manufacture electronic circuits in cooperation with the biggest Turkish and international brands, especially in the consumer electronics and defense industry, and in the next generation communication infrastructure such as Nokia. We are one of the few centers that can provide turnkey services from design to production with different business models.

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We provide services for the world's leading brands in the automotive sector, including electric vehicles. In the constantly developing and changing automotive industry, we contribute to a more enjoyable and safer driving experience for drivers with software and hardware-based Karel products, from vehicle hardware to driving support systems. With our high-tech production lines and professional R&D team, we are a brand capable of producing the automotive technologies of the future from end to end. Our subsidiary DAIICHI, on the other hand, makes a significant contribution to our international competitiveness by developing in-vehicle electronic systems (infotainment systems).

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New Technologies

We dynamically adapt to the rapid changes in technology and use the technologies of the future to create a better life. Thanks to our advanced R&D center and investments, we carry out uninterrupted processes from idea and design stage to project design, production and application in many advanced technologies. The new technologies in our technology and innovation ecosystem are mainly machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, automation technologies, additive manufacturing, 5G core network software and the integration of these technologies with each other and with different sectors.

Discover Future Technologies with Karel

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