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R&D / Technology

Future Technologies Come to Life with Karel

Karel Ar-Ge
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Strong R&D Capabilities with Karel, Turkey's Leading Technology Company

Karel, Turkey's Leading Technology Company, Unleashes Future Technologies Our robust R&D capabilities at Karel bring innovative technologies to life. With our 216-person R&D team, we strive towards shaping the technologies of the future and continually enhancing our expertise. As one of Turkey's longstanding pioneers in the electronics and software industry, we allocate 5% of our annual turnover to research new technologies and pioneer the development of innovative products."

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Robust and Independent R&D

Established entirely with domestic resources, our company is dedicated to innovative development in telecommunications, the defense industry, and various technology sectors. As a professional solution partner in Turkey and globally, our strong R&D eliminates external dependencies in technology, ensuring the successful continuity of services and projects. This empowers us to deliver competitive products that are both local and national. Our R&D activities focus on creating functional products and solutions tailored to the needs of SMEs, large corporations, and public institutions across different scales."

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Karel R&D

Our R&D center plays a crucial role in developing creative and innovative products within its areas of expertise, thanks to our team of expert employees. Karel R&D collaborates with industry-leading brands on a project basis or as a strategic partner. We pride ourselves on being ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 compliant.

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Future Technologies and Robust Solution Partnerships

Sustainability is a key focus for us. Our continuously expanding knowledge and experience enable us to better understand our customers' needs, leading to the creation of more effective solutions.

Experience the strength of our R&D capabilities and our solution-oriented approach.

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