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Communication Systems

Karel Communication Systems

With over 35 years of Karel experience and 100% domestic production and service quality, we carry out our activities in the telecom sector. We develop communication and security solutions with a reliable technology infrastructure that provides added value to businesses' customer services. Karel solutions, which we offer to the market after the production and design processes we carry out with a focus on R&D and innovation, realize 50% of corporate communication traffic in Turkey.

Our Difference

As the clear leader of the sector for more than 35 years with its R&D, production and sales processes, we offer 100% domestic and reliable corporate communication solutions. We are one of the 100 most valuable brands in Türkiye and one of the 4 most valuable telecom brands in Türkiye.

With an innovation-oriented approach, we produce all the communication technologies your businesses need. With Karel solutions, we work for uninterrupted communication that supports your workflow and increases your performance.

In the field of communication electronics, we have Türkiye's most advanced R&D and world-class production facilities and standards.

As the leading brand preferred by more than 700 thousand companies in Türkiye, we offer innovative, modern and solution-oriented technologies at national and international standards.

We export products and technology to more than 30 countries under the Karel brand and have more than 13 million users worldwide.

Your data is always safe with Karel solutions, all of which are hosted on local servers.

While offering customized high-tech solutions to businesses, we are a companion for the right choices in communication and information technologies.

Karel products and services are easily accessible from anywhere in Türkiye through our extensive sales channels and after-sales support network.

The Clear Leader in Communication Solutions

In the field of telecom solutions, we offer communication solutions for the different needs of businesses of different sizes, from two employees to tens of thousands of employees, from a single point. We develop hybrid, IP and cloud telephone Switchboards, call centers, mobile communications, end units such as IP Telephony, IP DECT, video conferencing solutions and cloud applications of these solutions.
We offer project-based solutions such as CCTV cameras, license plate recognition, under-vehicle imaging, recording and analysis software for the security needs of businesses such as shopping malls, ports and factories. We create added value in your workflow by ensuring the integration of our products and services and the execution of project processes.

Your Technology Needs at a Single Point with Operator Services

As Karel, we produce solutions for the communication and technology needs of businesses as an authorized telecom operator with our Fixed Phone Services (FPS), Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Virtual Mobile Network Service (VMNS) licenses. Our licenses are a testament to our service quality at global and international standards.
In 2005, we started our activities under the name of Roitel and today we offer fixed voice, internet, cloud switchboard, e-fax, phone and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN solutions to businesses in the public and private sectors with our operator brand Karel Communications.

Anytime, Anywhere Access with Cloud Solutions

With Karel Cloud Solutions, we offer next generation communication that enables accessibility from anywhere without the need for installation, physical space and any hardware.
With the secure technologies we produce, we ensure that you can work from anywhere as if you were in the office, and that effective communication between your employees and customers is always uninterrupted, regardless of location and working style. Your data is always safe with Karel solutions, all of which are hosted on local servers.
We provide financial convenience with subscription-based monthly payment methods without any initial investment cost. You do not need to invest separately for your branches in different locations. We make communication a part of other business processes with high integration with other corporate applications. Our Karel Cloud solutions, which offer the flexibility of use in the capacity suitable for your needs, guarantee high quality communication with audio and video solutions.

Türkiye's Most Preferred Communication Solutions

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