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Power and Driveline Electronics

Power and Driveline Electronics

Equipment such as the power distribution module and battery management system are included in the powertrain and drivetrain electronics.

High Voltage Modules

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Power Distribution Module (PDU)

Power distribution modules are modules that are supplied with DC/AC currents and provide an independent DC output that can be controlled. Our high voltage PDU can be customized according to customer requirements and can be designed and manufactured for any voltage. By combining our selected high voltage DC contactors and fuses in an IP67/6K9K rated enclosure, optimizing power distribution with busbars and PCBAs, and adding temperature sensing and current sensing, the high voltage PDU distributes power safely, reliably and efficiently. Whether you are designing a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) or building electric vehicles such as an electric tractor or electric forklift, our HV PDUs are flexible and ready to meet the challenges of next-generation powering.

Energy Storage and Management System

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Battery Management System

The battery management system, which helps the battery operate at optimum performance by monitoring values such as current, voltage and temperature, ensures optimum management of the energy required by the vehicle.

Strong R&D and Production at Automotive Electronics Standards

With the professional Karel R&D team specialized in their field and high-tech, scalable production processes, we are always with you in all the projects you want to realize.