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Fixed Phone Services

Fixed phone services are a telecom service that provides communication over phone lines provided to businesses through telecommunication networks.

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What is Fixed Phone Service?

Fixed telephony is a communication service based on phone lines installed at workplaces over telecommunications networks. It can be provided using various infrastructures such as traditional phone lines or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Fixed telephony services are widely used in the workplace and offer an ideal solution to meet traditional communication needs. Today, however, VoIP services facilitate voice communication over the internet, making it an increasingly preferred alternative.

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What are the Conditions to Benefit from VOIP Service?

Since the numbers in VoIP systems are IP-based, it is important that the switchboard structures support this technology. You can benefit from advantageous voice services without paying a monthly fixed fee by porting your fixed number to Karel Communications or by allocating a geographic fixed number or a non-geographic 0850 number from Karel Communications. The number porting and new number allocation services offered by Karel Communications provide businesses with a customized communication solution tailored to their needs.

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How is the Pricing?

All-directional minute packages suitable for your business are offered on a pooled basis. You do not have to buy a separate package for each location and service. The flexible structure in the pool logic allows you to create a cost-effective and easily manageable communication infrastructure by offering a customized communication solution according to the needs of your business. As your business expands or your needs change, you can manage your minute usage in a single pool.

Advantages of VOIP Technology

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Choose Karel for Modern Communication Needs

Strengthen your landline phone, discover our Karel Fixed Telephony service for uninterrupted communication. Contact us to connect now and take advantage of the benefits!