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Site Terms of Use

By visiting this site, you, the user, agree to the site terms of use and the site privacy statement. Otherwise, terminate your access/visit.

These terms of use apply to all sections, pages, functions and services of the Site, such as forums and blogs, and to all domain names owned by Karel Elektronik ve Sanayi A.Ş. (hereinafter "Karel") as long as a link to the terms of use is provided from the page.

Karel shall strive to ensure that all information on the site is correct and complete, however, Karel does not guarantee that all information is correct and free of spelling errors. Information provided in this website may have errors caused by technical difficulties or spelling errors. The content of this website is intended to provide general information, and it can be changed without prior notice at any time.

The information presented on the Site is provided "as is" and "as available". No warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made with this information. The information provided is not guaranteed to be error-free and harmless. The User agrees to bear the entire material and moral cost of any damage that may be encountered. 

Karel is not responsible for the content of third parties, sites linked through the site and any domain name and site not wholly operated by Karel and the content provided by users.

The Site may monitor user activities using internet browser files and advanced internet technologies for different reasons, primarily for site improvement purposes. Any information obtained can be used by Karel for sales, marketing, product development and site improvement. 

Karel undertakes to keep the personal information and data provided by users in various ways on the website confidential and not to transfer them to third parties in accordance with Law No. 6563. Users may, at any time and without giving an excuse, request that their personal information not be used and that they not be contacted through digital channels.

Karel respects copyrights (copyright) and trademarks (trademark). The Site owns content that is owned by Karel or licensed to Karel. This includes, but is not limited to, design, layout, appearance, graphics, any multi-media content, text. It is forbidden to reuse, copy, use in different media, re-process or edit some or all of the content. In this regard, Article 22 of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works is based on the phrase "The right to reproduce the original or copies of a work, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, directly or indirectly, temporarily or permanently, exclusively belongs to the author."  Article 71 of the same law deals with the infringement of the subject matter;
"By violating moral, financial or related rights related to intellectual and artistic works protected under this Law:

  1. Any person who, without the written permission of the right holders, processes, represents, reproduces, modifies, distributes, transmits or publishes a work, performance, phonogram or production to the public by any means of signal, sound or image transmission, or offers for sale works that have been illegally processed or reproduced, A person who sells, leases, lends or otherwise disseminates, purchases for commercial purposes, imports or exports, possesses or stores for other than personal use shall be sentenced to imprisonment from one year to five years or to a judicial fine.
  2. Whoever names the work of another as his own work shall be sentenced to imprisonment from six months to two years or to a judicial fine. If this act is committed by distributing or publishing, the upper limit of imprisonment is five years and no judicial fine may be imposed.
  3. Any person who quotes from a work without citing the source shall be sentenced to imprisonment from six months to two years or to a judicial fine.
  4. Any person who, without the permission of the right holders, makes a public statement about the content of a work that has not been made public shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to six months.
  5. Any person who cites inadequate, inaccurate or deceptive sources for a work shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to six months.
  6. Any person who reproduces, distributes, disseminates or publishes a work, performance, phonogram or production by using the name of another well-known person shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year or with a judicial fine. Those who commit the acts mentioned in the first paragraph of the additional article 4 of this Law without authorization and information content providers who continue to violate the rights recognized in this Law shall be sentenced to imprisonment from three months to two years, unless their acts constitute a crime that requires a heavier penalty." If you encounter content that violates these terms, please contact us.

All trademarks (Trademarks) appearing on this site that are not owned by Karel are the sole property of their respective owners. No right to use any Trademark without the written permission of the Trademark owners.

The areas protected by username/email and password on the website are only for the use of the relevant employees. This right is indicated by the limits communicated to them. Access by persons who have not been granted the right to use or efforts to access sections that have not been granted the right to use are monitored. Karel reserves the right to use all kinds of internet technologies and not to share information in order to monitor any unfair access and unauthorized use (hacking, hacker attacks) and to protect its systems. 

Unauthorized access attempts that Karel detects and proves with its records are handled by resorting to legal remedies within the framework of the Laws of the Republic of Turkey.

In the sections of the Site that are functionally designed for all users to view, such as the Blog and Forum, the user undertakes not to post any confidential and trade secret information. In these sections, any content, including but not limited to submitted comments, new posts and other content, is treated as public information.

The use of this website, any data uploaded from this website and any transaction related to these terms of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

Users can add comments to content and create new content. It is the responsibility of the user who adds content. Karel accepts no legal responsibility for comments on content and newly created user content. Comments containing insults, attacks on personal rights, bad words are prohibited. Such comments will be deleted as soon as they are noticed. Karel has the right to delete, modify, update existing content, regardless of who provided the content.

Questions and concerns regarding the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement can be submitted via the contact link in the top right corner.