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ViPort Video Conferencing

Join video conferences and meetings from anywhere with our native solutions!

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ViPort Video Conferencing

You can organize easy, secure and efficient meetings with ViPort, the cloud video conferencing product of Karel, which offers solutions for all areas of business life, running on servers in Turkey. You can organize video calls and meetings with your employees, customers or business partners from the office, home or other locations.
Increase your productivity with ViPort's screen sharing and presentation features in meetings that you can attend with a single click from different devices such as desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones and tablets from any environment where there is internet!


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Intuitive Interface, Fast Operation, Saving Time and Cost

• You can organize multi-participant meetings, video calls, trainings, interviews, webinars and other virtual meetings with all your stakeholders in business life such as employees, customers, dealers, suppliers. ViPort, which saves time, labor and costs, is compatible with computers, smartphones and all your devices.
ViPort, which offers easy use with dark/light color theme options, customizable interface and background customization, and full screen features, allows you to plan future meetings with its practical booking feature and track reservations on the calendar. .
ViPort gives the possibility to display the active speaker in large size on the main screen or to display multiple users in tile mode. You can create users automatically with LDAP/Active Directory Integration.

In which sectors and for which purposes?

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Available with Video Conferencing Software Hardware Solutions

Achieve excellence in your communications with high-quality video conferencing cameras and audio systems. Video conferencing equipment, which can be customized for meeting rooms of different sizes and needs, offers high image quality and excellent audio performance. Click for detailed information about video conferencing equipment that is compatible with other platforms and applications in addition to Karel solutions.

Room Limitation by User1 user/1 room1 user/1 room1 user/1 room
Number of Rooms per Membership1 room (20 hours/month per room)UnlimitedUnlimited
Room Capacity Limitation50 participants100 participants250 participants
Meeting Time LimitUnlimited one-on-one calls, multiple 60 min24 hours24 hours
Web Based Work+++
Offering as a Cloud Service+++
Creating a Meeting Link+++
Time Based Access Links+++
Mobile Device Compatibility+++
Browser Compatibility+++
High Audio Quality+++
High Video Quality+++
Room Encryption+++
Administrator Password+++
Room Resolution Limitation+++
Screen Sharing+++
Application Sharing+++
Private and Public Messaging+++
Different Language Options+++
Background Customization+++
Display Mode+++
Webinar Usage+++
Local Meeting Recording-++
Video Sharing Feature-++
Hand Raise-++
Breakout Room Inside the Meeting-++
Person Identity Authentication-++
End-to-End Encryption-++
Encrypted Meeting Mode-++
Waiting Room (Lobby)-++
Waiting Room Information Message-++
Option to Welcome Collective or Individual Participants from the Waiting Room-++
Audio / Music / Video Screening in the Waiting Room--+
Meeting Recording to Dropbox Cloud--+
Youtube etc. Live Broadcast--+
Full HD License--+
API Integration--+
License Control and Administration Panel--+
Single Sign-On (SSO)--*
SIP Integration--*
Meeting Transcript--*
Server Meeting Recording and Monitoring of Recordings--*
Corporate and Project-Specific Mobile Application--*
Moodle (LMS) Education Systems Integration--*
Multitenant System--*
Domain Name Customization--*
Corporate Logo Application--*
Corporate-Specific Installation--*

* Priced on a project basis.

Karel Video Conferencing Solutions

With Karel ViPort, save time, cost and labor while managing all your video and multi-participant meetings such as meetings, video conferences and webinars that increase productivity in business life from anywhere, regardless of location!