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Our Mission
Our mission is to employ people with strong acquirements, qualifications and experience required to drive the upswing of KAREL at suitable positions and to ensure their job satisfaction and to serve their social and security needs within the bounds of possibility of the company.

Our Vision
We believe that success is a natural consequence of hiring qualified labour best fit positions, laying the groundwork for personal development in parallel with company goals, keeping staff turnover low and investing in people.
We accept and value each person as an indispensable part of our company culture. Within our organization, we respect that the satisfaction of employees and employers has a positive effect on modern business administration, productivity and synergy.
It is our goal to develop and implement human resource applications with a scientific approach and creative ideas. We aim at realizing such applications systematically.

Our Activities
Hiring personnel for open positions using effective interview techniques,
Planning and organizing trainings, seminars and etc. for the professional and personal development in accordance with the training requirements,
Monitoring and improving the performance of employees through the performance system that fits to job requirements,
Measuring staff satisfaction periodically and organizing improvement activities on basis of the results obtained,
Organizing sportive, social and cultural activities inside and outside the company.

Open Positions in Turkey