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IP DECT System

Stay in touch with your employees on the move!

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IP DECT System

The Karel IP DECT system, which offers wireless communication to employees in businesses, offers high-performance flexible solutions for communication needs. It supports mobility, especially for businesses with personnel on the move, and helps ensure uninterrupted and secure communication with employees. This allows workers to communicate with their handheld units continuously and uninterruptedly on the move.
Highly mobile businesses such as construction sites, hospitals or multi-branch organizations can benefit from the ability to stay in touch with their employees regardless of location.
IP DECT systems with Handover, which allows switching between bases on the move, and Roaming, which offers the advantage of using the same extension numbers in different locations, make it possible for employees to stay in constant communication regardless of location.

Karel IP DECT Systems

Experience the solutions that best suit your needs with Karel IP DECT Systems, which enable your employees to communicate anywhere and anytime.