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Cloud PBX

From Karel, Turkey's Most Preferred PBX Brand

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Karel Cloud PBX

Thanks to cloud technology, you can benefit from the switchboard service from anywhere with an internet connection, and you can increase your capacity at any time by paying as much as you need with the subscription system. We make communication a part of other business processes with Karel Cloud Solutions without the need for physical areas and additional hardware without the initial investment cost. Thanks to our Karel Cloud PBX (Virtual PBX) solutions, you do not need to invest in a physical space separately for your branches in different locations.

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Why 700 Thousand Enterprises Use Karel Systems?

● 700 Thousand Enterprises in Turkey alone
● 13 million user around the globe
● Leader of Turkey's Telephone Switchboard Market
● The "Most Valuable" Brand in its Sector
● Ranks Among The Top 15 PBX Manufacturers Globally and Top 3 in Europe
● More than 300 Authorized Service Centers in all 81 provinces

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What is Karel Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX, also known as Virtual PBX, is a new generation communication service that allows you to use your telephone switchboard over the internet without the need for hardware or software in your organization.
Thanks to the cloud pbx (virtual pbx), you can use the features of the switchboard with a subscription system without investment costs. You can easily manage your entire organization as a single switchboard through web interfaces without the need to invest separately for your branches.

Cloud Switchboard Advantages

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Cloud Switchboard Key Features

● Mobility
● Conference
● Audio Recording
● LDAP Integration
● Web Subscriber Page
● Instant Messaging and Presence
● Video Communication
● Auto-Attendant
● Web Based Management
● Radius/Active Directory Support
● Sending Voice Message E-Mail
● Call Reporting Software
● Android and iOS Apps
● Windows PC App
● TTS (Text-to-Speech)

Türkiye's Indigenous Cloud (Virtual) PBX and Call Center Solution

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