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E-fax service is a service that digitizes fax communication by using cloud-based infrastructure instead of traditional fax machines. It enables sending and receiving faxes quickly and easily through an online platform.

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What are the Conditions to Benefit from E-Fax Service?

The process of moving your existing fax number to Karel Communications or getting a new number from Karel Communications is very simple thanks to the cloud infrastructure. You can easily send and receive faxes at any location with internet access. The flexibility provided by Karel Communications enables you to get rid of traditional limitations and manage your business communication processes more effectively. It helps you transform your business fax communication into a more efficient, fast and user-friendly experience.

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How is the Pricing?

You can use the Karel Communications voice service minute packages you have for E-Fax service. By using the same minute packages for both voice communication and E-Fax service, you can increase efficiency and maintain consistency in your communication solutions.

Advantages of E-Fax Service

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Digitize All Your Fax Processes

Enjoy a modern communication experience with Karel E-Fax service. Call us for more information and application!