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Defense Solutions

Secure Future Strong Defense with Karel

Karel in Defense Industry

Karel defense industry solutions, which adapt to the dynamics of the modern world, meet the operational needs of the army and security forces. From military communication solutions to functional technologies and public address systems, our products help military personnel perform their missions to the best of their abilities in challenging conditions. The products we design specifically for different needs for land, naval and air forces are produced independently in high-tech production facilities in the license area. The direct sales or on-site production options we offer to our partners globally make us preferred as a professional solution partner. Today, Karel defense industry solutions are widely used in a scalable structure for the needs of the army and security forces.

Our Difference

Extensive Experience and High Production Skills

With more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications and technology, we always provide our business partners with a professional service experience and meet their needs.

Professional Solutions for Your Needs

By sensitively analyzing the needs of organizations in different areas, we offer the service they need in a complete manner and quickly deliver ideal solutions.

End-to-End Service Experience

We provide an end-to-end service experience with our expert staff at all stages, from idea and project design to mass production and after-service support.

Uninterrupted Support

We provide uninterrupted support for the questions and needs of our business partners at every stage of the services we offer. We continue to provide support not only during but also after the service.

Strong R&D Capability

As one of Türkiye's most successful brands in the field of R&D, we strengthen our strength with our research and development efforts and aim to provide the best service to organizations.

International Solution Partner

We are a global solution partner in the defense industry, providing services not only in Türkiye but also in different countries around the world.

Land Systems

Units communicate securely with the wire / wireless communication tools we have developed and produced for use in military land vehicles, which constitute an important part of the defense industry. Karel solutions, which excel in resilience and security against different scenarios, help armies and security forces to better fulfill their missions. We continue the production process, which we started to meet the needs of land platform manufacturers, by initiating the development of cockpit display units for land vehicles.

Marine Systems

We manufacture ship announcement, alarm and communication systems for domestic and foreign naval platform manufacturers. With our high-tech production capacity and R&D strength, we independently carry out the design, software and production stages of products in this field. We offer professional solutions for the management, communication and security needs of naval platform systems in the defense industry.

Air Systems

In the field of air systems in the defense industry, we take part in major projects such as the Atak-II attack helicopter and the National Combat Aircraft (MMU), meeting the needs of contractor companies and our army. We work with the leading companies of the defense industry in different areas such as backup flight indicators, conceptual design studies, electronic engine control units, electronic warfare/countermeasure products, and manufacture important components in military aircraft. Karel's technology expertise makes it a leading partner in the production of complex and sensitive military defense technologies.

Reach Professional Solution in Defense Industry with Karel

Contact us now to reach solutions that adapt to the changing needs of the defense industry in the age of technology!