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Cloud Call Center

Move your call center operations to cloud technology

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Karel Cloud Call Center

With the Cloud Call Center solution offered with the assurance of Karel, the leader of Türkiye's communication systems industry, perform your customer service and communication operations from anywhere, regardless of location, with the advantages of easy use, easy management, advanced reporting, economical call rates and high security.


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With Cloud Call Center, Anywhere with Internet Access is Your Office

● Software operating on standard servers
● Flexible, scalable, expandable system
● Ability to manage work from different devices, regardless of location
● Easy capacity increase possibility
● Included mini CRM
● Integration with industry-specific and CRM software
● Enhanced audio processing and IVR applications
● Audio recording in all calls
● Flexible call distribution scenarios
● Extensive, real-time and flexible reporting
● Outbound calling
● Wallboard

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Karel Cloud Call Center Integrations

Karel Cloud Call Center integrations support you to increase the efficiency of your workflow while ensuring that it can work in harmony with other systems that offer solutions for different needs. Corporate software, tourism and reservation applications, municipal applications (White Desk, Blue Desk, etc.), hospital appointment and management systems, legal and financial tracking software, CRM and quality management applications can be integrated simply and seamlessly with solutions that offer special services for distribution institutions.

Which Services Can Be Provided with Karel Cloud Call Center?

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Karel Cloud Call Center

With Karel Cloud Call Center solution, you can speed up customer communication and call center operations, reduce costs and manage them from anywhere with cloud infrastructure!