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Emerging Technologies


Emerging Technologies

As Karel, we carry out production and business development processes professionally for the integration and widespread use of new technologies, especially IoT. Thanks to our passion for technology, our professional team and our high-tech production system, we keep pace with the development of technology.



Karel carries out design, production and business development processes that will enable the widespread use of emerging new technologies such as IoT in the technology and innovation ecosystem.


Our Difference

Stronger with Professional R&D

Our team of engineers, experienced in IoT and new technologies, produces functional solutions for the needs of brands in this field. As Karel, we always use our research and development efforts to achieve better.

Leading Projects Worldwide

With many completed projects in Türkiye and abroad, we succeed in becoming the number one choice of brands and the leading brand of the sector. In the future, we aim to continue to be an indispensable solution partner of brands with our passion.

End-to-End Solution Partnership

As Karel, we offer services to brands at all stages, from the creation of the idea and project to the final mass production. In this way, we facilitate the management and access of operational processes and provide you with fast and professional solutions.

Need-Based Service

As Karel, we closely understand the needs of brands and analyze them to offer the best solution. Analyzing and projecting sectoral needs correctly increases efficiency by making the process much faster and easier.

High Technology Production Systems

We closely recognize the requirements of the digital age and developing technology. Thanks to our high-tech production systems, we professionally develop the state-of-the-art hardware and software of the modern world and make them ready for end-to-end use for brands.

Over 30 Years of Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we offer professional service at every point of technology and production. By adapting to new developments, we succeed in being a practitioner and a guide.

With Karel, you can adapt to the innovations brought by digital transformation and benefit from the power of technology.

Contact us now to meet all your brand's needs in the field of IoT and Digital Transformation in a professional manner and implement your projects!