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Telecommunication Projects

From planning to installation, full delivery telecommunication projects...

Karel Corporate Projects Group, provides products and services in telecommunication field to fixed and mobile operators and state institutions and organizations.
These services are:
  • Equipment procurement
  • Planning
  • Optimization
  • Field operation support
  • Project management
  • Survey
  • Installation
  • Start Up
  • Technical support
  • Technical training
  • Consultancy
  • After sales services
  • Logistics and Storage
Projects are conducted by our expert team, which mostly consists of engineers, using a full delivery approach.

Thanks to cooperating with world-class sectoral leader companies we provide our domestic consumers with the latest technology.
Equipment Procurement: 
Karel brings the customer together with the right products by finding these products via its partnerships with the suppliers that would meet customer's/project's requirements. In this respect, our partners for many years include NEC, Coriant, Pelco; and our main product range includes microwave radios, IP/MPLS router devices, field safety systems, mail handling systems and multiplexer systems.

Planning and Optimization:
Any kind of planning (route planning, radio link planning and sizing, link budget calculation, interference calculation, LOS (line of sight), network management system (NMS)) and optimization work as well as the requirements in the project are provided by trained and experienced personnel.

Project Management:
We usually carry out turn-key projects; and work covered in the projects are carried out according to the schedule determined by the tender, bidding and contract process. 

Field applications are performed either by technical supervisors employed by Karel or by the extensive contractors network. These applications usually include survey, installation, commissioning and transfer of the systems.

Training team within Karel provides following trainings:
  • MW planning and sizing trainings
  • Packet (IP) communication techniques trainings
  • Operation and maintenance trainings for the supplied equipment
  • Operation and maintenance trainings for the NMS systems of the supplied equipment
  • Device installation trainings
  • On-the-job trainings
  • PTT
  • TT
  • Avea
  • Turkcell
  • Turkcell SOL
  • Vodafone
  • DHMİ
  • General Directorate of Security
  • General Directorate of Forestry
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