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IP Call Center Systems/Solutions, Contact Center Solutions

IP based Call Center System that operates on standard servers, provides simple expansion opportunities, and easily connects to the installed communication systems and CRM software applications

Suitable for the use of all public and private institutions, Karel IP Call Center platform provides a flexible and cost effective call center solution that includes all required components to the businesses that aim at establishing a more effective communication with their customers and increasing the customer satisfaction.

This solution provides a more advantageous offer against similar systems in terms of total cost of ownership and return on investment. Operating on standard servers, fully software based IP technology is an investment that increases the productivity and income of your business both today and in the future with its convenient expansion capabilities, ability to connect to installed communication systems and CRM software, extensive reporting capabilities, advanced speech processing and IVR applications.

Karel IP Call Center can perform automatic calling of external lines (outbound calls) besides greeting the customers. Outbound calls can be used for purposes such as sales, task follow-up, customer satisfaction follow-up, informing customers, appointment follow-up, campaign organization, surveys, etc.

For businesses that do not use a CRM software yet and that require to manage their customer relations with a convenient and economical system, Karel IP Call Center provides a Mini CRM application itself. Mini CRM application allows recording of all contacts with customers to the corporate memory and provides the customers a rapid and consistent service experience.
Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased customer confidence and loyalty knowing that there is a team to respond his/her queries
  • Convenience and speed by getting service and performing transactions from a single point
  • Getting a better quality service thanks to a team focused on customer services
Increased Corporate Efficiency
  • Determining important trends by examining the collected information as all contacts with customers are recorded
  • Performing tele-sales, tele-information campaigns with less resources thanks to the automatic outbound calls
  • Operating independent from the location, using operators out of the central building who may be at home or even abroad thanks to the IP technology
  • Instant monitoring of service levels thanks to advanced reports
Cost Efficient
  • Decreased initial investment and operation costs thanks to the software based solution
  • Cost efficient operator terminals thanks to Karel’s broad terminal range (IP phones, IP DECT, softphones, videophones, headphones)
Public sector
Inquiring and payment of the bills, making appointments, issue follow-up, Message to the Mayor message line, important numbers, announcement of tenders and social activities, tele-publicity, tele-survey

Health sector
Making appointments, reminding appointments, inquiring test results, informing about the pre-appointment preparations, informing about the new services

Education sector
Enrollment, curriculum, absenteeism tracking, homework/project/exam grades, counseling services, general information line

Services sector
Reservation, ticket sales, subscription renewal, informing new customers, new customer greeting calls

Insurance sector
Insurance sale, renewal, cross sales

Food chains
Ordering products (water, food, etc)

Law offices
Follow-up for collections and proceedings with automatic outbound calls
Rapid and Flexible Call Distribution
Karel IP Call Center responds to the calls rapidly, distributes these calls with pre-determined methods to the most suitable operator.  Different operating methods can be used with different distribution scenarios such as balanced, random, sorted, scored, circular, personal and VIP. Flexible call distribution minimizes the waiting periods of the customers.

Advanced IVR - Interactive Voice Response
Thanks to the advanced IVR system that supports speech recognition and processing technologies, customers can complete their standard operations by the keys on their phones. IVR system decreases the workload of the operators, allows responding to many calls at a time and provides extra security. Customers can be directed to the points they want to access with voice commands when speech technologies are preferred. It is possible to perform many operations without accessing operators using the access to customer database applications.

A New Kind of Access - Webphone
Webphone is an application that allows customers to call your call center via your website without any charges. Therefore, your website visitors can be serviced instantly over their computers.

Web Based New Generation Operator Interface
Web based, user-friendly interface displays statuses of all responded calls on the operator web screens. All basic call operations can be completed from anywhere at any time via web interface. 
Systematic Operation
Operators can log-in and log-out to/from the system with the log-in, log-out keys displayed on the web interface. They can take measurable and controllable breaks throughout their daily work with the Reasoned Break System. 

Reasoned Break System
Reasoned break system allows controlling operators' breaks, and ensures that the motivation is retained in the desired level. It is possible to define new break types and set number and time restrictions on the breaks.
Active Operator Management
All actions performed by the operators can be monitored by the supervisors, intervened instantly by the supervisors when required, and can be reported in detail. Supervisors can monitor the number of queues, number of customers in the queue, waiting times of the customers, duration of the call that the operator is responding at that moment, the statuses of each operator, and many other items from a single screen. 

Operation Independent from the Location
Call center employees can access the system from anywhere at any time via internet when required, thanks to the fully IP based structure of the system. Supervisors working regardless of their location can manage the system from anywhere with internet connection as they were inside the office. 

Increased Revenue & Productivity with Outbound Calls
Karel IP Call Center can perform automatic calling of external lines besides greeting the customers. External calls can be used for purposes such as sales, task follow-up, customer satisfaction follow-up, informing of the customers, appointment follow-up, surveys, etc.

Integrated Voice Recording
Karel IP Call Center can record all calls without the need for an additional equipment, and these records can be accessed by supervisors easily at any time.

Call Center – CRM Integration
System may be integrated to your CRM program with applications specific to your system, and provides extra benefits from improvement of products and services to management of marketing and sales activities with correct information.
Mini CRM
For businesses that want to manage their customer relations with a convenient and affordable system, Karel IP Call Center includes a Mini CRM application. With the Mini CRM application, operators can easily record the notes and information on the calling customers to the customer database in order to use this information in future calls. Information on the callers can be displayed to the operators by automatic pop-up screens. Mini CRM application allows recording of all contacts with customers to the corporate memory and provides the customers a rapid and consistent service experience.

Call Marking
Supervisor can request that calls are marked according to pre-determined criteria (campaign return, new product demand, request, concern, order etc.) and that the marked calls are reported individually. Operator marks the call at the end of each call and helps in determining the trends on the products and services of the corporation. This feature increases the effectiveness of special operation such as campaigns, survey management etc. 
Detailed Reporting
Karel IP Call Center’s integrated reporting tool allows reporting of all system data stored in the databases, and exporting these data in PDF or CSV formats. It is possible to measure the performance of call center and determine the trends which will be taken as a base for capacity planning. Historic reports can be generated hourly, by the day of the week, weekly, monthly, annually or by the date interval.
Call Reports:  Summary of Incoming Calls, Number of Incoming Calls, Time of Incoming Calls, Number of Incoming Calls per City

Cancelled Call Reports:  Summary of Cancelled Calls, Cancelled Calls Detail Report, Cancelled Number List

Queue Reports: Queue Summaries, Calls Added to the Queue, Waiting Period, Queue Length

Operator Reports: Operator Summaries, Number of Incoming Calls, Break Reports, Operator Voice Records, Operator Action Details

Marking Reports: Marking General Distribution, Operator Markings

Campaign Reports: Campaign Summaries
Stylish Equipment that Facilitates the Communication
IP Phones: Functional and stylish IP Phones that can be used as an extension to the call center from anywhere with internet connection.
IP Videophones: IP Videophones that provide video calls besides the audio communication.
Softphones: Computer application that provides solutions for your various communication requirements such as audio call, video conference, instant messaging and presence.
Operator Headsets: Stylish and ergonomic operator headsets that allow making phone calls without keeping the hands of the operators busy, and using the phone and computer simultaneously.
Cost Effective Solutions
GSM Terminals: Analog and PRI terminals that act as a bridge between the PBX and GSM network to ensure that calls made to the mobile phones are charged with cheaper GSM call rates.
VoIP Gateways: Analog and PRI devices that connect IP networks and PSTN lines.
Convenience of Mobility Inside the Building
IP DECT: Flexible and high performance solutions that use the secure DECT standard and VoIP technology together for the wireless communication requirements of call center operators.
WiFi: SIP compliant software applications that operate via WiFi on SIP compliant WiFi handsets and smart phones.