Wireless (DECT) Systems

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DR265 IP DECT Repeater

It is used to extend the coverage area and to increase the reception of the IP DECT system

Karel DR265 IP DECT Repeater is used to extend the coverage area and to increase reception of the system in the areas which are far from the base station in the plants which have a wide coverage area, operating in parallel with the Karel DB260 that is the bas station of the Karel IP-DECT wireless communication system, but have limited number of DECT handset.
  • Extending the coverage area of Dect
  • Ability to use up to 3 DR265 per DB260
  • Ability to connect up to 3 DR265 to each other as a chain
  • Call transfer support between Repeater devices
  • Support for 12 slots
  • Call capacity with 5 simultaneous low bandwidth
  • Call capacity with 2 simultaneous high bandwidth
  • DECT encryption
  • Design suitable for indoors
  • Manual mount kit
  • Easy mounting on the wall
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 135 x 120 x 35mm
Frequency/Coverage Area
  • Frequency band coverage: EU/AU/NZ, US/CA, LATAM, TW
  • Up to 50m in closed area, up to 300m in open area
  • Receiver Accuracy: -92dBm
  • 2 internal antennas
  • External antenna support
  • 230 VAC and 110 VAC possible
LED Light
  • Display of signal quality
  • Compatibility: TBR6, TBR22 (General input profile-GAP) ETS 300 700 - ETSI wireless broadcast
Recommended Projects
  • Use of Repeater device offers cost advantage in the projects where it is anticipated to have maximum 5 calls simultaneously in low bandwidth, and maximum 2 calls simultaneously in high bandwidth over Repeater, and where the bas station channel capacity is sufficient according to the number of handset required, but DECT coverage area is intended to be extended.