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DB211 IP DECT Indoor Base Station

A Flexible Solution with High Performance IP DECT

DECT and VoIP Technologies Brought Together
Karel IP DECT system is a result of the combination of safety-proven standard DECT technology and the IP technology lifting any restrictions in communication. IP-DECT system, protects the basic standards of the DECT technology, and allows customers within coverage area to communicate safely with high audio quality. When the audio is transmitted between the PBX and base stations via IP network, the communication between the hand held units and base stations is conducted on DECT standard.

Karel IP-DECT system, is powerful enough to meet the demands of any business of any size with its modular structure and the maximum number of base stations and hand held units it can support. KAREL IP DECT system can expand to 2.047 base stations and 100.000 hand held units, depending on the size of the business. Each base station can support 8 calls at a time.
Karel IP-DECT system is compatible with any type of PBX (analog, digital, IP) and can be customized in accordance with the coverage area and number of the users.

It can connect directly to KAREL IP PBXs;
And it can connect to KAREL analog model PBXs via VoIP Gateways.
It can also work with all SIP compliant communication systems.

KAREL IP DECT system can be easily integrated into the existing network structure and does not require any additional equipment.
The system can be managed from a single point through its network infrastructure, which decreases workforce and management costs.
Base stations located in the head or other offices are accessible via any Internet browser, which allows independent system management.

Thanks to the handover support of Karel IP-DECT system, travelling users are able to uninterruptedly communicate , between coverage areas
Offices in different locations are brought under one roof of wireless communication via the Roaming support of the system, employees can communicate from different locations using the same hand held unit and subscriber number.
DB211, which is the base station of the Karel IP-DECT system, connects to the PBX via IP standards. It broadcasts on DECT standards to connect PBX and the hand units as wireless.

DB211, which was designed for indoor usage, is able to work outdoors with special protective equipment. DB211 is accessible from anywhere via an Internet browser and IP access, allowing to make any necessary system changes.


-  DECT GAP/CAP radio communication
-  IP connection interface
- 8 calls at a time support
-  SIP and H.323 protocols support.
-  G.711, G.723.1, G.729A Codec Support
-  Advanced DECT Safety (ETSI TS 102 841, GAP.N.35)
-  Web Based Management
-  Power over Ethernet support (Adaptor support included.)
-  Handover and Roaming support
-  Status LED flashes
-  Internal antenna
-  Available for usage with external antenna (DB212)
-  Frequency Range 1.880 - 1.900 MHz.
-  Coverage Area: ~ 300m (Indoors) / ~50m (Outdoors)
- Power adaptor not included. Adaptor : DB211
Karel DB211 Datasheet [.pdf]