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Established in 1986, Karel is the leading company in communication industry in Turkey which has pioneered in the transition from electromechanical systems to electronic systems in communications. As the market leader by far for many years, Karel is also the leader in PBX market with its 50% market share according to the report of MZA, the international market research institution. Also, it is placed in the first position in PBX category according to the "Top 500 Information Technologies Companies” report prepared by Interpromedya in terms of net sales income of companies operating in the information technologies industry in Turkey. Placed in the top 20 information technologies companies with the best performance in terms of the sales incomes for the last 3 years, KAREL is also placed in the top 10 companies according to the equipment export income.
Karel, having global goals, is registered as one of the top 15 manufacturers in the world according to the data provided by MZA, the international research institution.
Karel, the market leader in brand value as well, is specified as the most valuable PBX brand according to the market research performed by the Recon Research Institute all over Turkey.
Today, it exports products and technologies with the Karel brand to more than 30 countries including developed European countries. Karel competes with powerful brands world-wide in an industry that requires a great R&D power and investment such as the telecommunications industry.
International sales activities are managed by 2 regional sales departments located in Ankara. Karel continuously supports and assesses its distribution network, and improves the service quality and performance of this network by providing trainings on both technical and commercial subjects.