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Karel is placed amongst the strongest companies in terms of production capabilities and capacities. Karel's world-class production facilities, spreading over a covered area of 32.000 m² is covered area, is located in the Ankara Industrial Zone. Production planning, purchasing, production and control services are performed in these facilities.

The manufacturing chain that lies between suppliers and customers is supervised via the ERP system integrated on basis of the company. Plain 6 Sigma techniques are applied in the production to improve the productivity and quality. Applying procedures conforming with the ISO 9001-2008 certificate and CMMI Level-3 certificate obtained by the R&D Department besides the strong production experience, Karel designs and produces electronic boards complying with international standards for both domestic and foreign major manufacturers besides its own products. Karel also has "Facility Security Clearance" for defense industry productions.

The placement and test machines with state-of-the-art technology are employed in the production line which is under continuous development and assessment. Leaded and/or lead-free placement is possible using horizontal, vertical and surface installation technologies in the automatic assembly process. Total automated component placement rate is 300.000 components per hour. Placement, soldering, optical inspection, ICT and functional test procedures are performed serially in full automatic lines. It is possible to perform full automated conformal coating to protect the electronic boards from environmental influences. In-line and stand alone optical inspection devices, advanced X-Ray device, heat test cabinets and vibration testers used for inspection and testing operation increase the quality and reliability of the production.

You may find detailed information on design and production facilities on the Electronic Board Design and Production page.