Our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

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Our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics express our principled and behavioral expectations from our employees and all our stakeholders, including our product, service and process suppliers:

- Freedom of Association
KAREL respects the employees' right to participate in local employee representative bodies and expects the same approach from all stakeholders.

- Anti-Bribery and Corruption
KAREL expects employees to abstain from any acts of bribery and corruption, whether direct or indirect via the means of any intermediaries.

- Gifts and Entertainment
KAREL expects employees to handle any Gifts and Entertainment carefully with due consideration of Bribery and Corruption risks as well as potential Conflicts of Interest. Any gifts and entertainment that may or may be perceived to be addictive or create an impression of irregularity should not be accepted or offered other than in the form of commemorative / promotional materials that are given in accordance with the traditions and customs.

- Anti-Fraud and Theft
KAREL, strictly prohibits all Fraud and Theft and expects all employees to respect, protect and safeguard the properties of KAREL and its stakeholders.

- Antitrust Law
KAREL prohibits all Anti-Competition Practices. KAREL does not and will not engage in Anti-Competitive Practices or any activities that could be perceived as such and expects all employees to abstain from any such activities.

- Conflicts of Interest
KAREL expects employees to avoid potential, real and perceived conflicts of interest in their professional activities. For this purpose, the relationship between private interests and business duties should be regularly considered.

- Voluntary Employment Principle
KAREL adopts the volunteers of the employees. Employees are not required to lodge their identity papers with their employer and they are free to leave their employer after a reasonable notice.

- Health, Safety and Environment
KAREL provides a safe and hygienic working environment considering industrial and other hazards, tends to reduce its environmental impact and expects the same approach from all stakeholders.

- Child Labour Opposition
KAREL does not adopt practices other than local laws in child labour employment and expects its stakeholders to comply with local laws as a minimum.

- Wages and Benefits
KAREL expects all its stakeholders to meet the national legal regulations as a minimum for the wages and benefits paid for a standard working month.

- Working Hours
KAREL expects all its stakeholders to meet the national legislation in minimum daily, weekly, monthly and annual working hours and overtime practices.

- Discrimination
KAREL opposes discrimination based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital status and gender in recruitment, compensation, access to education, promotion, termination, retirement, union membership and political membership activities.

- Abuse and Harassment
KAREL prohibits all forms of abuse and harassment. Physical abuse or threats of physical abuse, sexual harassment, verbal abuse or other threats cannot be tolerated.