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Inertial Navigation Systems

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IMU Robotics ApplicationsViaNav product family consists of different systems, all based on similar technology. Each product has been produced to serve different functions with different accuracy requirements.
VIA-100 series includes different products with different functionality. VIA-100 line is composed of following products:

VIA-100I, is an Inertial Measurement Unit with 3D accelerometers, 3D gyroscopes and Magnetometer.

VIA-100A, is a 3 DOF Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) which provides driftless real-time orientation information over the full 360 degrees of angular motion on all three axes. It includes 3D accelerometers, 3D gyroscopes and 3D magnetometers.

VIA-100A+, is a 3 DOF AHRS which provides driftless real-time orientation information. VIA-100A+ includes a multi-IMU configuration and employs an optimum filter to lower IMU noise level. VIA-100A+ provides 3D orientation with improved accuracy and reliability.

VIA-100G, includes a VIA-100A, a GPS and a barometric altimeter with an advanced Kalman filtering algorithm providing accurate 3D position, velocity and attitude. VIA-100G is a state of the art GPS/IMU system.



Redundant AHRS
Gyro. Noise 0.01°/s/√Hz 0.01°/s/√Hz <0.008°/s/√Hz 0.01°/s/√Hz
Acc. Noise 100 μg/√Hz 100 μg/√Hz 70 μg/√Hz 100 μg/√Hz
Roll/Pitch - 0.25° 0.15° 0. 2°
Heading -
Horizontal Position - - - 3m
Vertical Position - - - 2m
Velocity - - - 0.1 m/s
Aiding - - Multi-IMU configuration GPS/baro/mag. aided system


Inertial Sensors Gyroscope Accelerometer
Types MEMS capacitive readout MEMS capacitive readout
Measurement range ±450°/s ±5g/±18g (optional)
Bias repeatibility 0.2°/s 4mg
Bias in-run stability 12°/hr 40μg
Noise density 0.01°/s/√Hz 100 μg/√Hz
Nonlinearity <0.01%FS <0.03%FS
Alignment error (RMS) 1mrad 1mrad
g-sensitivity (RMS) 0.003°/s/g N/A
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 333 Hz 338 Hz
Type Anisotropic Magnetoresistive
Measurement range ±6gauss
Non-linearity <0.1%FS
Orthogonality (RMS) <0.1 deg
Type MEMS piezoresistive
Measurement range 300-1100hPa
Noise 0.03hPa (rms)
GPS receiver (VIA-100G)  
Type 50 Channels
GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code
Cold start 26 s
Update rate Up to 5 Hz
Tracking sensitivity –162 dBm
Position 2.5 m (2 m with SBAS)
Velocity 0.1 m/s

VIA-100G series is a part of inertial navigation systems produced by KAREL Electronics Corporation. The VIA-100G is an integrated GPS and MEMS-IMU (Inertial Measurement System) system with a high accurate fusion filter running on an embedded processor. System contains 3D gyroscopes, 3D accelerometers, GPS, magnetometer, static pressure sensor and temperature sensors in a compact and rugged enclosure. The embedded processor provides driftless and real-time navigation information over a wide range of temperature in dynamic and static conditions.

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